Oct. 13th, 2008

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It's late out here in the city i can't sleep Dr's appt has me on edge,i have to see the neurologist in the morning and i'm worried about what he may or may not say about my back,no surgery plz.

Anyway i have been rereading quite a few of my favorite stories and they are many.

I wanted to try and join in the gift fic but i missed the deadline anyway i can't wait to read the stories once they are posted. I just know that they will be steamy as they always are.

I believe that the writers of these stories are quite brilliant! When it comes to writing such erotic stories and bringing them to life, i just visualize every detail that is set in the story and i imagine that i'm their as a third party of course.

Anyway i'm off to rereading some more of these delicious stories^____^
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I've decided that i can't keep running to the defense of my children all i can do is love them they have to learn that in this life nothing is a given.

If every time they get a scrape and i'm going crazy triing to help them they'll never learn. I'm 40 not 20 my body is going thru it's own changes and me and keith are not getting any younger.I've called my friends and told them to do nothing unless they are really triing to hurt my family.

But at the same time i can't let my guard down either.

It is what it is, my daughter sheena has to learn lessons in this life if i keep enabling her she will never learn. She unquestionably knows that i love her, same as my son and all of my children. But i can't live their lives for them they have to grow up at some point and time and take responsibility for their actions.

Now as for me health wise i have been having dizzy spells for the past few weeks and with everything going on i have to start focusing more on me and the younger ones and less on my older children.

Now onto more important stuff going on with Me Myself and I

I've been going on to my flist list and reading more stories on those sites and i'm only upto the letters a-b so if your on my flist give me time to get to your sites it's nothing personal.

I'm just organized that way some people whose flist i'm on i read their stories more so often. But again to the others just give me a chance to get my priorities in order and i promise i will get to your stories, their isn't enough time in my day to go thru everyone's all the time with my Doctors appt's and than going to 4 different schools 1 Public School 1 JHS and 2 H.S.'s it isn't easy there isn't enough time for me in the day all the time.


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