Dec. 1st, 2008

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I'm so MTF mad i had went to cash my checks and this old woman and her darn grand daughter robbed me snatched my dam wallet with all of my id's and money for my rent i got mad at my daughter because she was supposed to be standing next to me not outside. so now their xmas is screw up my land lord isn't bitchin i have majority of her rent for her so she's willing to wait until next week to get the rest.

I have to cancel out all of my credit cards. Get another state id and another medicare/medicaid card asap. So far my x-mas seems as if it's going to hell and a hand basket. By nature i'm to trustworthy who would have thought that a grandmother and grand daughter would robbed me.
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I am so truly blessed to have such a show of support from my online friends, that means so much to me. But you know what i will be alright for the simple fact of the matter is i'm a firm believer in karma. when that grand mother and grand daughter least expect it they will run into or versa vice and i will have them both arrested. And it's not so much the money with me, it's all of my id's that i have to replace now and that takes time. But i will get my ssa check on wednsday and keith gets paid next week so my landlady isn't trippin or anything, I usually pay her the last week of the month and that is the money that was stolen in my wallet.

And keith job have a xmas party every year so he was talking to his supervisor when i came back from the pharmacy and he said to let me know that the kids will have some presents for xmas.

7V don't worry i make my xmas cards from scratch and i would be honored to still send you out one i've paid more for less when it comes to international mail. I got that covered alright^^
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Helliongoddess you very welcomed. Ps I love the icon Mr. Grinch


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