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I was reading ditch_gospel's fan fictions recs got tired went to lay down.heard loud arguing outside hope that it wasn't my daughter getting into something were i had to go out this early to save her ass from certain death
in other words her mouth writing a check her ass can't cash,anyway stayed on the front porch steps near the bottom and watched as 3 or maybe more police cars pulled up on our street.I heard the voices didn't sound familiar to me looked on for a little while then came back up stairs to resume my sleep called her friend's house just to be on the safe side ,5 minutes later my phone rings it's her telling me that this woman was drunk came up in her friends face looking to fight with her so they jumped her don't ask and i'll tell you no lies she was spending the night, my bad i don't have my children out side that early in the morning unless they are with me to begin with so moving on i told her to be back home before the afternoon we needed to have another talk about when she stays at her friends house she should still be inside regardless of who's outside she shouldn't have been out there she's only 13 see where i'm going with this?If something happens to her it's my fault/but what about the other adults outside shouldn't there children have been inside themselves? Remember it's early in the morning and i'm tired my body aches my dam thyriodism is acting up something awful and i'm in constant pain and on top of all of that nobody thinks anything is wrong with these young children being out this late/early in the morning maybe it's just me.


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