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water333 i haven't forgotten about you my scanner has been acting up i just got it out of the repair shop, so i have to reload it on to my hard drive again once that is done i will try all 3 ideas and see which one works best for you k' ^____^

While i was at the Dr's office yesterday this young boy had me criing not for nothing bad it's just what he said. "Young mother says to her Dr how do you spell relief" before the Dr could respond the young boy says "Obama" Everybody just looks around and then we all started laughing our asses off i laughed so hard i went into an asthma attack. The young boy could not have been no older than 3.

I don't know about no one else i found that so funny i laughed till i cried and than went i into an asthma attack. Lucky for me i was at my Dr's office.

All i can say is that you had to have been their to get the true effect of what i'm saying. When he came out of left field with that
even his mother and her Dr. were laughing at that. That truly made my day.
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I need help water333 wants a story called Disguises and i have the whole 34 chapters printed out already the original author pulled it off of ff,net for some reason. But if yall recall when i lived in the bronx, I told yall my computer was acting up and so i was going to the library,Printing up a whole bunch of stories to read at my leisure and it just so happens this is one of the stories that i printed out, anyway i've tried everything to post it to her now, just short of me posting it on lj , How can i get the story to her? I tried attachments but for some reason that's not working. I tried going into my documents and emailing it to her but she's still not recieving the chapters i've sent her way so what is it that i'm doing wrong here? Now if i posted it up on lj it's so many chapters it would be to large of a post #1 each chapter has 4-19 pages to the story so that's a whole lot of space.I was told to do an lj cut but i can't seem to find the detail description on my message board at the moment can anyone help me to plz get this story to her? I would be most appreciative.^_______^
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Holy crap who didn't see Supernatural tonight? Sam and Dean are some of the sexy's men on tv and quite a few thousand more i might add^^

water333 email me asap i need to know if what i sent to you went thru or not?
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The scholarship fund dinner program
The recipients of the scholarships program
1st part
The scholarship fund dinner program program
the honorees
The recipients
The recipients of the scholarships awards
Honorees The recipients
Guess speakers
The 2part of the dinner awards
Guess speakers

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Well i went with keith to a Scholarship Dinner yesterday evening it was so much fun to watch all of the high schooler's recieve their awards and the dinner was great.

Also sheena sang accopella and everyone loved it. Oh did i forget to mention that she also sings,but she writes her music most of the time.

They want to give her a scholarship next year once she becomes a senior.
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I've decided that i can't keep running to the defense of my children all i can do is love them they have to learn that in this life nothing is a given.

If every time they get a scrape and i'm going crazy triing to help them they'll never learn. I'm 40 not 20 my body is going thru it's own changes and me and keith are not getting any younger.I've called my friends and told them to do nothing unless they are really triing to hurt my family.

But at the same time i can't let my guard down either.

It is what it is, my daughter sheena has to learn lessons in this life if i keep enabling her she will never learn. She unquestionably knows that i love her, same as my son and all of my children. But i can't live their lives for them they have to grow up at some point and time and take responsibility for their actions.

Now as for me health wise i have been having dizzy spells for the past few weeks and with everything going on i have to start focusing more on me and the younger ones and less on my older children.

Now onto more important stuff going on with Me Myself and I

I've been going on to my flist list and reading more stories on those sites and i'm only upto the letters a-b so if your on my flist give me time to get to your sites it's nothing personal.

I'm just organized that way some people whose flist i'm on i read their stories more so often. But again to the others just give me a chance to get my priorities in order and i promise i will get to your stories, their isn't enough time in my day to go thru everyone's all the time with my Doctors appt's and than going to 4 different schools 1 Public School 1 JHS and 2 H.S.'s it isn't easy there isn't enough time for me in the day all the time.
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It's late out here in the city i can't sleep Dr's appt has me on edge,i have to see the neurologist in the morning and i'm worried about what he may or may not say about my back,no surgery plz.

Anyway i have been rereading quite a few of my favorite stories and they are many.

I wanted to try and join in the gift fic but i missed the deadline anyway i can't wait to read the stories once they are posted. I just know that they will be steamy as they always are.

I believe that the writers of these stories are quite brilliant! When it comes to writing such erotic stories and bringing them to life, i just visualize every detail that is set in the story and i imagine that i'm their as a third party of course.

Anyway i'm off to rereading some more of these delicious stories^____^
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Hello everyone it has been a minute since i've last posted but i just feel so angry and revengeful right now. My 2 oldest children were assaulted in 1 weeks time first my daughter sheena is assaulted by some jealous bitch.Let me explain when we first moved over to were i reside now, their was a young man that pretended to to like her just to make his ex-girlfriend jealous by using her and i told her that this young asshole was trouble yet she chose to try and see the good in him and i told her that he was bad thru and thru you may ask yourself how would i know this i can basically look at you and read you without you saying anything comes from years of being around cynical older folkes i guess anyway they supposedly had a relationship which my daughter denies only god knows for sure. we fast forward to last week my daughter goes to one of her friends house which it turns out to be an illegal apartment the asshole she alledgedly had a relationship with and the girlfriend are their she rings the bell, the bitch comes down to let her in and while my daughter's back is turned the bitch snuffs her(attacks from behind)now while my baby is triing to get her vision in focus the bitch proceeds to pull her hair while triing to knock her down to stomp on her she finaly gets herself righted but she never raised her hands to the bitch, the asshole guy is just standing their watching never intervenes to stop the fight from taking place sheena is alright,she comes to me on friday morning and gives me a clump of hair and tells me what happen of course i'm very upset,but more so with her because i've warned her time and time again stay out of that house but a hard head makes a soft ass. Now we jump to friday past my son ali goes to the store to get a sandwhich, while waiting the same asshole i've warned my daughter about who never liked her brother anyway starts a fight with my son and then 2 others jump on the band wagon they jumped my son in the store and pulled him out side and starts hitting and kicking him in the back of the head and so forth.
My neighbors come and tells me what is happening. Now keith isn't home so i have the 4 little ones in the house so i'm putting my clothes on, next a police officer knocks on my door and asks if i'm the mother of ali and i tell him yes i'll be right there so as we go down the steps to go out the building he's explaining that my son is lying in the street but he doesn't appear to be hurt, my first thoughts are did they cut/stab him which thank god turns out not to be the case but he refuses to get up even with my assistance. So i'm thinking maybe they (poked him) ice pick weapon so no that wasn't the case either thank god. So even with the cops help my son is still refusing to get up so i told them to take him to the hospital to be on the safe side run x-rays and all of these other tests on him just to make sure that he is in fact alright you know internal injuries and all. So he's ok.
So now i have an idea of who these people are and i ask my son point blank he won't answer but my instincts tell me what i need to know plus the fact that i can read my children's body langauge. Anyway the art of talking with out talking (eye contact). so i call my big sister and i'm telling her what just happened and i feel so useless because i want to killed these sons of bitches with my bare hands for what they have done to my kids. All i can do is pray that my daughter wakes up and smell the coffee and stay away from that apartment for next time she may lose her life for being hardheaded. I keep stressing not everything that glitters is gold everyone that smiles in your face is not your friend. My daughter takes after me in one way you want to see the good in everyone but everyone has a 360 degree within them 180 is good and the other is bad it's what you chose to do with yourself that makes you good or bad anyway i keep telling her for warned is for armed rather, she listens is another story. I just keep hoping and praying she learns this before i'm putting flowers on her or my sons coffin for next time she may not be so lucky. Now my problem is this these are grown people we are talking about the bitch is 19 my daughter is 16, the 3 that jumped my son are 21.27 and the bitch is the 19 year old that assaulted my daughter yes it was 3 of them that jumped my son. Remember my son ali is only 17y.o. Now i'm debating with myself do i really want revenge or not? On the one hand if i call my people their insane, take no prisoners type of people but i don't want a blood bath because i have to live here too. But on the other hand what if these same asholes come back and really hurt one of my children is that a risk i'm really willing to take! So my hands are tied in that respect,but the more i ponder that dark side we all have is gaining ground in my mind and i'm fighting it. When i went to the hospital to pick up my son i just got angrier for seeing what they have done to him. My son is very handsome, he has beautiful hair and a smile, very sexy complexion to match now it's just black and blue. He wants to fight these men again and i keep telling him no leave it alone! But in my mind i can't leave it alone whose to say next time if they won't kill him (shot him). Now me as a parent of 7 children i have alot to lose but i'm like my mom in one retrospect i want my children to put dirt on my coffin not me having to put dirt on their coffins.So now i'm back to square one is revenge the right way to go or just leave it. I know that hind sight is 20/20 but i'm just at a crossroads in my life. I keep telling my children that Karma has away of coming back and biting you in the ass but do i practice what i preach or not?
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Your very welcomed and I thank you Ditch_Gospel for the beautiful items I've recieved today.

Every last one is so beautiful especially the 18+book.
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Kikue Mugen i recieve my book today and again, Thank You in advance i shall enjoy reading every page back to back for ever.
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My friend deb and I were on the phone the other day just talking literally for hours on end about everything and nothing you know women talk. Anyway she said to me about the children of the world today, all walks of life black & white and so on and so forth about there actions and consequences they must accept for when they don't listen to their elders when they are being told about right from wrong, anyway this is what she stated and it made a whole lot of sense to me maybe if one person heeds it they will live a hell of alot longer. In school you are taught a lesson and than you are given a test. In life you are given a test than you are taught the lesson. Code Of The Streets. Now On To My Famous Quotes: 1:"The United States is like the guy at the party who gives cocaine to everybody and still nobody likes him" Jim Samuels. 2:"No age or time of life,no position or circumstances has a monopoly on success. Any age is the right age to start doing." Gerard 3:"If you love somebody,let them go for if they return, they were always yours. And if they don't they never were." Kahlil Gibran 4:"The beauty of life is, while we cannot undo what is done, we can see it, understand it, learn from it and change, So that every new moment is spent not in regret, guilt, fear or anger, but in wisdom, understanding and love." Jennifer Edwards 5:"All philosophies are mental fabrications there has never been a single doctrine by which one could enter the true essence of things." NagarJuna 6)"Looking for peace is like looking for a turtle with a moustache,you won't be able to find it. But when your heart is ready, peace will come looking for you." Ajahn Chah 7:"You are your own teacher, looking for teachers can't solve your own doubts, Investigate yourself to find the truth -inside, not outside, knowing yourself is most important." Ajahn Chah 8:"Only one book is worth reading: The Heart." Ajahn Chah 9:"When one does not understand death,life can be very confusing." Ajahn Chah 10:"All infractions of love and equity in our social relations are speedily punished,They are punished by fear, whilst i stand in simple relations to my fellow-man, I have no displeasure in meeting him. We meet as water meets water,or as two currents of air mix with perfect diffusion and interpretation of nature, But as soon as there is any departure from simplicity,and attempt at halfness, or good for me that is not good for him, My neighbor feels that wrong: He shrinks from me as far as i have shrunk from him, his no longer seek mine; there is war between us; there is hate in him and fear in me." Ralph Waldo Emerson 11:"Great minds discuss ideas,Average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." Eleanor Roosevelt 12:"Love is the beauty of the soul." Saint Augustine of Hippo 13:"My night has become a sunny dawn because of you." Ibn Abbad 14:"Never frown because you never know who might be falling in love with your smile." Justin Milton 15:"We come to love not,not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect perfect person perfectly." Sam Keen 16:"Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything,and love is all there is." Arrigo Boito 17:"Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish." Anne Morrow Lindberg 18:"The heart that loves is always young." Proverb 19:"I never knew how to worship until,i knew how to love." Henry Ward Beecher
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Somebody tell me is Supernatural "Wishful Thinking" amazing or what? Sam and dean got jokes i can tell you.

The dam teddy bear is reading porno and drinking liquor next he commits suicide.

The little boy todd pushes over that big as truck.

Hope blew dean literally out of his shoes.

That shit was so dam funny when dean had todd pretend to have bullied him just to get the real bullies to leave him alone.

Dean finally admits that he remembers everything that happen to him in hell but he won't tell sam about it.o.o
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I never thought that i would live to see this day were we would come together as a nation and in one voice call out for a change. I admit that i had my doubts about Barack Obama he was an unknown to me and i freely admit that i'm set in my ways when it comes to certain changes going on in the world around me the color of his skin did not play apart of that doubt for as he is biracial i am also in that category when it comes to my families genetic markup.

I had doubts for he never said exactly where he stood for as far as i know,

1: Health-care
2: Roe Vs Wade
3: Economy Jobs Housing Schools Etc.
4: The War going on in Iraq

But anyway the country has spoken and i'm listening and i'm very happy that i've gotten to see the day where a black family is going to live in the White House for the next 4 years.

Ps i took my daughters with me for them to see what it is like to actually vote
they voted literally for me the pulled the lever and the switches all the way and i watch, for this is what people fought and died for, my father being one of those people that died.

Remeber that it is your right to vote, not a privilege !!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for your responses. My problem with this tenant and the landlord is this
the person above me is suppose to be getting evicted and yet the landlord seems afraid of her. She's always caves into her demands! Her kids are destroying the building by keeping it nasty and dirty always breaking the locks on the front doors. So when she approached me and said did my children do it i'm like hell no my children know better like i've said their no angels but their not destructive either.

When i sent my son down south back in june i personaly put him on the bus did you know that this bitch was telling the landlord he was in the hallway smoking weed, come to find out it was her son and his friends that were the ones doing it.

I know that she got upset and started triing to make problems for me personaly
like she has a vendetta against me for whatever reason i've never done anything to the person at all i basically keep to myself.

So now she went after me about my cat like i said how allergic are you to pet dander if you have 2 hamsters living in your apt?

Like i said i miss my cat he's a house cat smoky. I don't know if he can survive on the streets he's always been in the house the closest he's been outside is sitting on the window ledge.
All i can do is pray that a decent person finds him and loves and cherishes him as much as we did.
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I feel so dam stressed out right now and i have no where to vent my anger and frustration at the moment this crackhead bitch that lives above all of a sudden develops an allergy to my cat so she claims, she talked to me about it 2 wks ago so i told her to let me make arrangements for someone to take my baby smoky, for he is not a street cat so i asked my godson to ask his sister if she could take him for the time being. But she's getting ready to move to philly so of course she couldn't take him,which leaves me with no alternative for i will not put him on the street he would not survive. So she calls the landlord and complains mind you this bitch has 2 hamsters in her apt how allergic to pet dander is she?

I should have listened to my children smoky is apart of my family even through we didn't have him that long we've all grown very attached to him he is so adorable and now i've had to something i didn't want to do, I had my daughter to take him to the store across from were i live and he ran out of the store and now i can't seem to find him. why is it expected that i'm always compromising my principles for someone else's bull shit. why me?

Now this woman if you could call her that she actually one of the biggest crackheads this side of where i live she's nasty and so are her 2 young daughters for that matter and i don't say that lightly her oldest who is 11/12 proposition my son who is 17 i told him to stay the hell away from that girl before she accuses him of rape or whatever the hell her mama tells her to say about(him) my son,I feel like i went out of the frying pan and into the fire. She is pure evil incarnate. she jealous #1 for everyday she has another man in her house and her daughters are watching this constantly, wonders never cease why they are the way they are, my children aren't angels but they have more respect for themselves and me than these 2 little girls.They don't respect their elders at all. I've seen and heard them curse adults out with such profanity sanzo would have shot her ass not hit her with no dam fan. #2 I have a husband that takes care of me and mine always everyday of the week month and years.

The reason i say she's jealous is not a materialistic type jealousy it's because i don't have to screw so many men to get what i want and she does and her daughtersare following in her foot steps and to be that young.

I will not allow my 11y.o. to play with them. They allow these boys to be feeling them up i don't play that game. I will break my foot off in my daughters ass She's to develop body wise for her age i refuse to let her go outside unless one of her older sisters are out their with her call me old fashion education first! Boys later.

Anyway i just had to vent out my frustration because i miss my smoky baby0.0
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Let me say again thank all of your sweet hearts for our kind words and well wishes for my birthday I do so appreciate it very much .

Keith had taken me out to eat and we just got back so here i am.

Now the person who sent me the bulletin message about youtube their users name is ixazn does anyone know of this person at all? I couldn't cut and paste it from my yahoo site go figure anyway. If anyone knows this person find out if what she/he said is true for right now i really have no clue anymore it could be a scam i just don't know, and it freaked me out because i had signed a petition and it might be for nothing strange day indeed.

And again i thank you one and all for the well wishes on my special day.

To every one else celebrating their birthdays in august leo rules^____^ have a very happy birthday and celebrate everyday, I know i will^___~
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I thank you all very much i should keith yall birthday greetings to me and he's laying on the bed laughing.

My son ali called me all the way from georgia to wish me a happy birthday and my sister just walks right past him and never said let me talk to my sister to wish her a happy birth so yall make my day that much brighter and i thank all of yall from the bottom of my heart

luvs u all
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I thank you so very much even through we don't know each other personaly but i feel as if i know most of you thru your writing.^___^

And for a stranger, yet a friend to acknowledge my birthday in a story it holds that much more meaning for me.

Other than my hubby who is making me breakfast in bed and my son and my daughters said happy birthday to me.

But on a personal note that story had me shed a few tears it was just so spot on.

And i thank you

And i thank god that i live to see another morning and hopefully another year one can only hope with so much death and destruction going on around you everyday so i always give praise were it's do. luv u orvida/geri
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