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I tried laying down but i can't sleep. Keith is calling home those dam hogs snoring so dam loud the devil is in hell cursing him for interupting his evilness at large.

Anyway we went to the parent/teacher conference tonight and it was interesting to say the least.

First no one on the bus offered a seat to my son miracle (4) needless to say if they didn't offer the seat for him to use, you can imagine that they dam sure didn't offer it to me. And i had just as much right to sit down.

I have a cane which makes me disable but i didn't want to sit down but they never offered either.

These were young abled body men and how can i tell you may ask, all you had to do was see them sitting down and talking leaning forwards triing to see if they had reached their stops or whatever the hell they were doing while leaning forward in their seats.

But anyway that's neither here nore there, i'm home now as the saying goes.

Anyway i went to my dr's appt and it's never good news when i go i should just stop going period.

My scoliosis is getting worse not better now i may have to use a back brace as well as my legs braces.

If it ain't one thing it's another. My medication is taking my hair out so i just cut it off myself and i must say i did one hell of a job with those clippers.

I recorded supernatural and i must say it was good not like last weeks episode.

anyway to those who are still up i'm saying this now, I hope each and everyone of you have a safe thanksgiving and remember don't over eat.

Don't let your eyes get bigger than your stomache as my mother use to say to me.



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