Jul. 6th, 2008

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Well today is another day such as it is i have 4 days before my 40th birthday comes in and i plan on spending it with my husband. We were suppose to go to Atlantic City
but alas we can't because my brother and sister jerked me with not paying me back my monies that they owe me and on top of that i have to start the back to school shopping asap with 7 people i have to buy for that's setting me back but i can still manage, I haven't maxed out my credit cards yet.

Anyway when i asked if anyone lives in georgia it was for this reason alone i sent my sister some money to pick up 3 cartons of cigarrettes and what she sent back wasn't what i ask for and i know for a fact that it didn't cost her (me)that much money this is according to what she had told me of the price anyway. So if any one one lives in a state where the smokes are cheaper than new york's please let me know especially if i dealt with you before.

And it legal to send it thru the mail i asked at my post office already so if anyone is willing to do me this solid i will be in your debt and if you prove trust worthy i shall reward you and of course i shall pay for the shipping and handling all i need is the total amount of everything together.

Anyway i'm just triing to stay focused and read some more stories and comment as often as i can, and if i've read a story and didn't leave a comment i know i will get back to that particular story and comment.

By the way triyune i'm still doing what you suggested and now i'm working out the kinks with the wayward child of mine so thanks again you were a big help and i thank you again^____~.


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