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Make a post (public, friendslocked, filtered...whatever you're comfortable with) to your LJ. The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fun to medium to really big. The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real possible things, make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Also, make sure you post some version of these guidelines in your LJ, or link to this post so that the holiday joy will spread.


Surf around your friends list (or friends of friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:

If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.


1. Icons! I would absolutely adore it if somebody made an icon or two for me! I always mean to make some new ones for myself, but then I get busy and forget, and I'm not all that great at icon-making anyway. No requests, just...anything! I would feel very special about any icon someone made especially for me.

2. Fic! Or art! Of course. Really, I would be so ecstatic to receive any kind of fic or art, I can't even come up with any requests. But I adore Saiyuki, of course, and I particularly like Hakkai/Gojyo (duh), Koymou/Ukoku, Goku/Sanzo, and any combination of Hakkai, Sanzo, and Gojyo. Also, Kougaiji and Doku! I have a special fondness of AU stories and cracky presmises, and I also love pr0n and fluffy, cute, feel-good stories. Drama and angst are also great! ...Honestly, I love everything.

3. Manga! The virtual kind, I mean. (I love the physical kind too, but I have no more room left on my bookshelves as it is! Erk.) I, um, really like yaoi, SHOCK GASP. So if anyone knows of any particularly pretty titles that have lots of boykissing, I would be super happy if they sent them my way.

4. Music! I love music. All kinds, but especially pop and rock. I like to get music that other people like, and gather things from other people's collections, so if anybody wanted to send me a few of their favorite songs, I would really enjoy that.

5. Mail! I love receving mail, so if anybody wanted to drop me a card or letter or anything, I would be extremely excited. Honestly, I am not too difficult to please. I'd be thrilled with a simple note, and I'd be even more thrilled with any sort of surprise treat, like a pretty pencil or packet of tea or whatever. I just like mail!

If you would like to send me anything of the non-virtual variety, drop a comment here or e-mail me and I'll glady send you my address. Also, if you have a holiday wishlist of your own, please link me to it, so I can see if there's anything I can do for you! :D
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I have good news and bad news as far as i'm concerned the good news is i might actualy have an apartment and i'm dealing directly with the landlord and it's a 4 bdrm i'll have the entire 2 floor to myself which is a good thing.

I went to my eye doctor and he tells me that i'm developing glacouma> I was supposed to have surgery when i was younger but alas my dear mother (rip) never had the time to get anything done for my right eye and now it's affecting me at this late date in my life so hopefully when i go back i can get some type of work done on both my eyes and possibly fix this and have it corrected asap. I need my dam eyes.

Now i was hurt on my job a few years ago and i was denied worksmen comp. So i filed for ssi disability and i didn't have legal rep. I rep myself and won my case. I had a judgement of $10,256, now on my last job i didn't have medical coverage so i had to get medicaid/co pay do you know the the hra took $5000.00
of my dam check . now remember it was co pay so i had to pay half the f----ing bill out of my pockets. Now i'm going to get a lawyer and fight that because it's bullshit i had to pay anywhere btween 50-100 for every visit that does not include medicines i might have to get

Now to the bitches at hand i was coming home with my 2 youngest and my landlord and her supposed R E B ambushed me threatening me with losing my subsusidy by reporting that my husband is living here with me for which he was paying that bitch rent at one time but after a while he basicaly told her to go fuck herself and she's jealous of me anyway and no i'm not stuck up what it is is she wants him(my husband) but he's not leaving me for her skank ass no time in this world anyway she's like geri is a liar she lies so much and i told her what did i ever lie to you about she couldn't answer. 1 she was drunk and that's why the bitch lost her job she basicaly went to work drunk and dropped her patient he's paralyzed from the neck on down who knows what other damage she might have done to him. yet i'm the fucking liar i wanted to punch her in her mugly face so bad, and i told both of them suck a dick and die slowly. so now i'm going to have 2 fights on my hand with this shit out here as far as my eye sight goes i'm praying for the best. and come monday i go to sign my lease and i can get the hell out of here rat trap literaly, asap. Let me state something that is the exact reason why i have no real friends as far as were i reside i keep to myself i'm to dam old for this shit and believe it or not my landlord is only 43 and i'm 39 yet she talks down to me as if i'm a 3yo child but let her 21yo tell that bitch to shut up and she clams up! she will not open her mouth.I've seen her do it. It couldn't be me i would have put my fist so far down my childs throat they would need surgery to remove it. And daxzia happy belated birthday to you and to ditch_gospel,seshatt25
anyone one else i may have missed but i've just been running all week triing to get everything organised for my hopeful(Praying) moving day i'm moving back to bklyn were my sister use to live before she moved to georgia 8 months ago. I appreciate everyone who has responded to my previous posts with what happened to them and their situations with slumlords from Hell and i hope those bitches rot in hell they've given me a severe migraine headache right now as if i don't have enough on my plate at the moment.I don't know how religoius anyone out here is but god don't like ugly. I'm a very friendly person i would give you the shirt off of my back if you asked me to but what my so called ex associate did was really uncalled for. if i was a hot head i would have wiped the ground with those 2 bitches on the spot but don't ever threatend me or harrass me you will not like the results of that that i can promise you. and to paradoxhoax thanks for friending me and as soon as i get situated i will read your post but right it's now 2:13 am and my head and my eyes are hurting something awful so i'm going to take my meds and lay down for a little while and start some scenarios in my head of what i want my to smut story to be. And winter3000 i love your story sessxrin and shinju i love it.^___^lol.
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well let me start by wishing belated birthdays to all that i haven't had a chance to especialy gen50 and rroselevy whose bday is today at 12:01.

(well back to the subject at hand i might have an apartment to move too fingers crossed.)

my landlord closed on her house the new owners are giving me until the end of january 31,2008
sounds strange saying that 2008. were in the world did 2007 go so fast.

anyway i'm hoping that i like this apartment i was looking on line at apts and i tell you these landlords are smoking some good/bad stuff out here in ny i saw in 1 ad for a 4 bdrm
apt l/r d/r etc at first glance i thought it said 1000 a nonth so i like ok than i put my glasses on and looked again and imagine my surprise it had $10,000 a month to rent this apt.
i fell out of the chair and dropped my darn beer to boot.but i prayed on it and my sister called me and was telling that one of her friends knew a realtor and gave me the phone # to call only problem was since i was evicted from my prior apt she was not willing to rent to me out here in the bronx so she said she had another apt on the border of brooklyn/queens and it is a house 2cd floor and the landlord basicaly allows the realtor to reject or accept tenants so she is willing to take a chance with me and my family.so i go to see this apartment on 1/03/08 so my friends keep your fingers crossed that everything works out for the best. and a shout out to the 2 nice ladies that friended me sorry i haven't really had a chance to respond in kind running around like a chicken with no head pardon the pun. now i hope that everyone has a prosperous new year and all of your resolutions to come to fruition. now once i'm from under the gun no pun intended. i can get to posting some of the stories that have already written. wish me luck everyone.
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I know that it's has been a while since i last posted 7 weeks to be precise.Anyway my life has taken a turn for the worst but i'm holding on to hope that the next year will be a whole lot better for me and the family (not likely)
but i'm willing to try anything within reason
here's my problem my landlord wants to sell her house which is fine.It's her house but you should be given notice before hand which she did infact the problem with that is i'm subsidized because on my own i could not afford new york city price range in rent not even with (1) 2 people working in the house remember i'm out on disability right now
anyway. my computer blew up after i had it fix
and now i'm back to using that crappy 95 windows
shit, and it shuts off whenever i try to access certain sites so if you don't see me comment which is rare indeed you know why. I have to go the the blasted library just to check my email and read all of your lovely stories. or i have to print them out and bring them home to read at my leisure anyway i loved the month of november stories i read everything i could print which costs me somewhere between 50-75$
just to print out the stories themselves. I would love to thank daxzia and helliongoddess for friending me i really enjoyed reading your stories also moonsilverfic and candika's stories also.And everyone else's also so if i don't comment as often just know that i'm reading all stories i can print before the library closes and i go everyday monday thru saturday.so you do the math i'm making them richer while i'm going broker.But hey for these stories i've read who in the blue blazes cares i need to read at least 20-30 stories a nite just to take my mind off of my troubles at home.Trust me on that one. Also ditch i've been emailing you to try and find out something if you see this post email me i'm having trouble with my paypal account seems some one got a hold of some information so the site keeps locking me out but i want those books so if you could please email me we can make other arrangements for me to pay you for the books alright anyway it's early and i'm at the library posting this so i'm going to go home and try and get some much needed rest so that i can go apartment hunting in a few hours i have until the end of this month to be moved out of that apartment so the landlord says who knows for sure she lies so much but i just don't have the energy to fight this one when i can't even seem to control my own house hold at the moment. can't wait till later to come back to the library and see what interesting stories are posted up. hopefully i would have found a decent apartment i might consider renting it's a 4 bedroom that i need so you know it's going to be hell today their talking like it may or may not snow again today i hope not that will only trigger my dam asthma and i can't afford to end up in no dam hospital right now i doubt that i would go anyway i'm as stubborn as sanzo when i want to be myself.
But to those whose birthdays have passed i hoped that you enjoyed yourselves and your time with your loved ones and i hope everyone had a happy thanks giving also and most importantly i wish everyone a very merry x-mas and a safe and healthy new year that is coming up in another 26 days. I think i'm going to buy me a laptop computer for x-mas if not before that i need my stories to keep me sane.** ^_^ lol
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i've made a  few friends by sharing a little of myself it is better to give than recieve(or so i hear). but i'm a generous
person to a fault.  anyway i had to go check out my youtube sitting here in my living room listening to the 80" music playing is just bring back great memories for me. i had a life no responsibilities meaning children of course 
just my high school friends hanging out on the jetties drinking our beer and smoking our cigarrettesand basicaly being teens and even through the world was in a semi state of unrest we were just having fun. now that i'm older i'll be 39 on friday and hell i'm going to atlantic city yeah! i know that i can't turn back time believe me sometimes i wish i could just to relive my prom/graduating. just hanging tough as they say anyway i went over to my youtube and looked up culture club because they happened to be playing at the time and i sent it to my journal if you like them listen if not don't .but me myself i like real music were the guys were professing love to you in a respectable way not calling you out  your name and i believe alot of you know what i'm talking about with the music today need i say more didn't think so. so if you like it by all means enjoy my motto is i DON"T DISCRIMATE I INTERGRATE ^_^. well it is 3:44 in the morning i think i'm going to go over to adultfanfiction and see if anything new has gotten posted lately. that's the joy of being me i'm a very nocturnal person but i stay in my house talking to you lovely people in cyber world but never fear i shall be back to let you know if anything new was put up. if you have aff you might even see me comment if i like the story. so remember I"ll be back.
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willing to buy saiyuki items at fair market price whatever the hell that's supposed to mean  my favorite pairing is 
           sanzo/goku konzen/goku anything pertaining to these two i'd be willing to buy as long as in good condition.

only serious need reply. and most importantly if the price is right
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I'm finally starting my saiyuki collection if you great people in cyber space are selling anything relating to sanzo and goku  i would be willing to purchase  it ,if the price is right. This is how much i adore these 2 men. i would be willing to look at all things in  saiyuki but because these 2 are most definitly my favorite couple i'm more inclined to buy items gear at them. But rest assured i don't Discrimate I intergrate^_^ . so only serious need send replies i would prefer english items but i know sometimes you only have chinese or japanese versions. if it's doujjshi's i can understand if the langauge is other than english but if pictures are included who cares what they are saying action speaks louder than words anyway^_^..

So back tothe matter at hand i'm just relaxing at the moment and i'm happy to help out a fellow space cadet if i can and i have the money to make the purchase i shall do it.
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