Oct. 26th, 2008

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I need help water333 wants a story called Disguises and i have the whole 34 chapters printed out already the original author pulled it off of ff,net for some reason. But if yall recall when i lived in the bronx, I told yall my computer was acting up and so i was going to the library,Printing up a whole bunch of stories to read at my leisure and it just so happens this is one of the stories that i printed out, anyway i've tried everything to post it to her now, just short of me posting it on lj , How can i get the story to her? I tried attachments but for some reason that's not working. I tried going into my documents and emailing it to her but she's still not recieving the chapters i've sent her way so what is it that i'm doing wrong here? Now if i posted it up on lj it's so many chapters it would be to large of a post #1 each chapter has 4-19 pages to the story so that's a whole lot of space.I was told to do an lj cut but i can't seem to find the detail description on my message board at the moment can anyone help me to plz get this story to her? I would be most appreciative.^_______^


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