Oct. 11th, 2008

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Hello everyone it has been a minute since i've last posted but i just feel so angry and revengeful right now. My 2 oldest children were assaulted in 1 weeks time first my daughter sheena is assaulted by some jealous bitch.Let me explain when we first moved over to were i reside now, their was a young man that pretended to to like her just to make his ex-girlfriend jealous by using her and i told her that this young asshole was trouble yet she chose to try and see the good in him and i told her that he was bad thru and thru you may ask yourself how would i know this i can basically look at you and read you without you saying anything comes from years of being around cynical older folkes i guess anyway they supposedly had a relationship which my daughter denies only god knows for sure. we fast forward to last week my daughter goes to one of her friends house which it turns out to be an illegal apartment the asshole she alledgedly had a relationship with and the girlfriend are their she rings the bell, the bitch comes down to let her in and while my daughter's back is turned the bitch snuffs her(attacks from behind)now while my baby is triing to get her vision in focus the bitch proceeds to pull her hair while triing to knock her down to stomp on her she finaly gets herself righted but she never raised her hands to the bitch, the asshole guy is just standing their watching never intervenes to stop the fight from taking place sheena is alright,she comes to me on friday morning and gives me a clump of hair and tells me what happen of course i'm very upset,but more so with her because i've warned her time and time again stay out of that house but a hard head makes a soft ass. Now we jump to friday past my son ali goes to the store to get a sandwhich, while waiting the same asshole i've warned my daughter about who never liked her brother anyway starts a fight with my son and then 2 others jump on the band wagon they jumped my son in the store and pulled him out side and starts hitting and kicking him in the back of the head and so forth.
My neighbors come and tells me what is happening. Now keith isn't home so i have the 4 little ones in the house so i'm putting my clothes on, next a police officer knocks on my door and asks if i'm the mother of ali and i tell him yes i'll be right there so as we go down the steps to go out the building he's explaining that my son is lying in the street but he doesn't appear to be hurt, my first thoughts are did they cut/stab him which thank god turns out not to be the case but he refuses to get up even with my assistance. So i'm thinking maybe they (poked him) ice pick weapon so no that wasn't the case either thank god. So even with the cops help my son is still refusing to get up so i told them to take him to the hospital to be on the safe side run x-rays and all of these other tests on him just to make sure that he is in fact alright you know internal injuries and all. So he's ok.
So now i have an idea of who these people are and i ask my son point blank he won't answer but my instincts tell me what i need to know plus the fact that i can read my children's body langauge. Anyway the art of talking with out talking (eye contact). so i call my big sister and i'm telling her what just happened and i feel so useless because i want to killed these sons of bitches with my bare hands for what they have done to my kids. All i can do is pray that my daughter wakes up and smell the coffee and stay away from that apartment for next time she may lose her life for being hardheaded. I keep stressing not everything that glitters is gold everyone that smiles in your face is not your friend. My daughter takes after me in one way you want to see the good in everyone but everyone has a 360 degree within them 180 is good and the other is bad it's what you chose to do with yourself that makes you good or bad anyway i keep telling her for warned is for armed rather, she listens is another story. I just keep hoping and praying she learns this before i'm putting flowers on her or my sons coffin for next time she may not be so lucky. Now my problem is this these are grown people we are talking about the bitch is 19 my daughter is 16, the 3 that jumped my son are 21.27 and the bitch is the 19 year old that assaulted my daughter yes it was 3 of them that jumped my son. Remember my son ali is only 17y.o. Now i'm debating with myself do i really want revenge or not? On the one hand if i call my people their insane, take no prisoners type of people but i don't want a blood bath because i have to live here too. But on the other hand what if these same asholes come back and really hurt one of my children is that a risk i'm really willing to take! So my hands are tied in that respect,but the more i ponder that dark side we all have is gaining ground in my mind and i'm fighting it. When i went to the hospital to pick up my son i just got angrier for seeing what they have done to him. My son is very handsome, he has beautiful hair and a smile, very sexy complexion to match now it's just black and blue. He wants to fight these men again and i keep telling him no leave it alone! But in my mind i can't leave it alone whose to say next time if they won't kill him (shot him). Now me as a parent of 7 children i have alot to lose but i'm like my mom in one retrospect i want my children to put dirt on my coffin not me having to put dirt on their coffins.So now i'm back to square one is revenge the right way to go or just leave it. I know that hind sight is 20/20 but i'm just at a crossroads in my life. I keep telling my children that Karma has away of coming back and biting you in the ass but do i practice what i preach or not?


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