Oct. 5th, 2008

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I never thought that i would live to see this day were we would come together as a nation and in one voice call out for a change. I admit that i had my doubts about Barack Obama he was an unknown to me and i freely admit that i'm set in my ways when it comes to certain changes going on in the world around me the color of his skin did not play apart of that doubt for as he is biracial i am also in that category when it comes to my families genetic markup.

I had doubts for he never said exactly where he stood for as far as i know,

1: Health-care
2: Roe Vs Wade
3: Economy Jobs Housing Schools Etc.
4: The War going on in Iraq

But anyway the country has spoken and i'm listening and i'm very happy that i've gotten to see the day where a black family is going to live in the White House for the next 4 years.

Ps i took my daughters with me for them to see what it is like to actually vote
they voted literally for me the pulled the lever and the switches all the way and i watch, for this is what people fought and died for, my father being one of those people that died.

Remeber that it is your right to vote, not a privilege !!!!!!!!!!


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