Aug. 24th, 2008

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I feel so dam stressed out right now and i have no where to vent my anger and frustration at the moment this crackhead bitch that lives above all of a sudden develops an allergy to my cat so she claims, she talked to me about it 2 wks ago so i told her to let me make arrangements for someone to take my baby smoky, for he is not a street cat so i asked my godson to ask his sister if she could take him for the time being. But she's getting ready to move to philly so of course she couldn't take him,which leaves me with no alternative for i will not put him on the street he would not survive. So she calls the landlord and complains mind you this bitch has 2 hamsters in her apt how allergic to pet dander is she?

I should have listened to my children smoky is apart of my family even through we didn't have him that long we've all grown very attached to him he is so adorable and now i've had to something i didn't want to do, I had my daughter to take him to the store across from were i live and he ran out of the store and now i can't seem to find him. why is it expected that i'm always compromising my principles for someone else's bull shit. why me?

Now this woman if you could call her that she actually one of the biggest crackheads this side of where i live she's nasty and so are her 2 young daughters for that matter and i don't say that lightly her oldest who is 11/12 proposition my son who is 17 i told him to stay the hell away from that girl before she accuses him of rape or whatever the hell her mama tells her to say about(him) my son,I feel like i went out of the frying pan and into the fire. She is pure evil incarnate. she jealous #1 for everyday she has another man in her house and her daughters are watching this constantly, wonders never cease why they are the way they are, my children aren't angels but they have more respect for themselves and me than these 2 little girls.They don't respect their elders at all. I've seen and heard them curse adults out with such profanity sanzo would have shot her ass not hit her with no dam fan. #2 I have a husband that takes care of me and mine always everyday of the week month and years.

The reason i say she's jealous is not a materialistic type jealousy it's because i don't have to screw so many men to get what i want and she does and her daughtersare following in her foot steps and to be that young.

I will not allow my 11y.o. to play with them. They allow these boys to be feeling them up i don't play that game. I will break my foot off in my daughters ass She's to develop body wise for her age i refuse to let her go outside unless one of her older sisters are out their with her call me old fashion education first! Boys later.

Anyway i just had to vent out my frustration because i miss my smoky baby0.0
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Thank you for your responses. My problem with this tenant and the landlord is this
the person above me is suppose to be getting evicted and yet the landlord seems afraid of her. She's always caves into her demands! Her kids are destroying the building by keeping it nasty and dirty always breaking the locks on the front doors. So when she approached me and said did my children do it i'm like hell no my children know better like i've said their no angels but their not destructive either.

When i sent my son down south back in june i personaly put him on the bus did you know that this bitch was telling the landlord he was in the hallway smoking weed, come to find out it was her son and his friends that were the ones doing it.

I know that she got upset and started triing to make problems for me personaly
like she has a vendetta against me for whatever reason i've never done anything to the person at all i basically keep to myself.

So now she went after me about my cat like i said how allergic are you to pet dander if you have 2 hamsters living in your apt?

Like i said i miss my cat he's a house cat smoky. I don't know if he can survive on the streets he's always been in the house the closest he's been outside is sitting on the window ledge.
All i can do is pray that a decent person finds him and loves and cherishes him as much as we did.
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I just recieved all 5 volumes of my Salty Dog books, now i see what the fuss is all about they are some fabulous art works in them all.

Now it can't just be me last friday my baby girl comes home criing and i ask her what was wrong it seems some little asshole has been sexually harrassing her for some time now but it came to a head on friday the whole school bus was aware of this but no one said anything to me until friday past.

I called the school immediately and reported what had transpired on the bus so a meeting was set up for monday that just passed and we some what resolved it the boy got a principal expulsion,he cannot be near my daughter for the rest of the school year.

Now you may wonder why i post this up here family business and all,see my baby girl is 8 yrs old and in 3rd grade the boy i refer to is in 2cd grade but he is much bigger than she is and ha had an associate so basically they tried to double team her, but their was a 5th grader on the bus who thank all that is in heaven intervend on her behalf and put a stop to it.

I thank her everyday that i see her.

she brings the girls home when school lets out and they get on the bus together in the mornings and the afternoon. But has this ever happened to anyone you know or perhaps someone in your family? It just boggles the mind that at that age they would sexually harass someone, what in the blue blazes should a 7/8 yr old know about shit like that.

A teenager i could see that happening too, but elementary school age children shouldn't know about things like that unfortunately me and mrs phish the principal agree either this boy is being molested or he is seeing something going on in his house that he should not be seeing.

Anyway that does not excuse him from doing /acting on it with my baby i could easily had been in jail because i saw red after that i wanted to whip that boys ass till my soul got happy and right now medically wise i'm not a happy camper with my health and everything else going on in my life sch as it is.


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