Jul. 5th, 2008

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Some one made a post asking about how jeep came to be with hakkai and the guys and i thought it was a general question, story wise and i made a comment thinking in terms of the stories i've read in general.

So i made a comment on the past stories i've read about how jeep came to be with the guys. And some comments were posted to me about canon stories and how it was never stated in the books i wasn't going by the books because most of the books i have are in another langauge so i can't tell you what is being said, as i've stated the past stories i've someone wrote the gojun is the general of the eastern armies and when konzen tenpou and kenren died he and kanzeon decided he would go with them rather than to remain in the heavens his way and her way of keeping an eye on the reincarnations and goku of course.

I can't apologise enough if people thought that i read it in the manga or anime books.

Now I have a quick question to ask who lives in georgia (DECATUR) and can you please tell me how much a carton of cigarrettes cost? And a single pack of cigarrettes and is their a difference, if their shorts or 100's?


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