Jun. 17th, 2008

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As i sit here in my room i'm thinking about what drastic changes my life is in for once i get to the root of the problem which in fact is my life as i know it to be i guess that sometimes something bad has to happen(not that it did mine you)figure of speech
But none the less i feel as if i failed my children some how althrough i know in my heart that i did everything imaginable for all of them and still do right wrong or indiffernt but some how it's like it's not enough. I've talked finaly to my sister and she's ok with me sending my son to her for the summer so that's a good thing for me one less headache literaly.Only after we've had family counseling.

Than he's of to georgia for a month and a half and i can finaly get my house back in order and i start to finaly read more of the posts that i've friended and who have friended me.

As the school year comes to a close i'm thinking about going back to college myself since come september everyone will be in school anyway i can get the last of my credits and finaly get my associates degree in accounting go me.

I've always been good with numbers anyway so maybe i can help other people with problems as far as accounting goes than still i might go back for another two years and get another degree for something else who knows for sure.I just need to get my priorities in order and start thinking about what i want to do with the rest of my life you know anyway thanks to all of you for your generous words of wisdom even if you think you didn't do anything just by responding to my to my post you helped more than you realise perhaps you just saved a life mine. makes a curtsy for all of you.^______^.


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