Jun. 11th, 2008

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To eos i've read what you posted and i don't mean to put you on blast (never mind)
that term. To put your business out their but your friends will know what i'm talking about, you have a dream to do some good for others and some one tried to put you down for that, and that is a terrible thing to do to any one who has aspirations to make something of their lives your in college working towards accomplishings your goals and so forth, so i'll tell you just like i say to mine let nothing stand in the way of your dreams reach for the stars don't limit yourself the sky's the limit. Don't limit yourself or conform to anyone's expectation you go and you make it happen. I truly believe that you will be a valuable asset to that field because god knows their are alot of dysfuntional families out here who need help very badly with self doubt and family issues believe me i ran the whole gaunlet in my life time such as it maybe.I"ll tell you what you can do your first case with me just a practice run and see what happens you may even be of great help to me to try and find common ground with my pain in the ass want to be grown before their time teens and whatever happens have no fear it's just practice for when you get that doctorate degree.


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