Mar. 17th, 2008

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Hell yeah my apartment passed inspection so it's just a matter of section8 giving me my move in date.I was going to that apartment taking out trash and cleaning up the place and everything to help that apartment to pass inspection anyway i could believe me when i say i want out of this apt i'm in now.

I can finaly have a piece of mine and rest and relax easy once my family and I are out of here the new landlord is the bitch as real estate broker i mention in my other post. my so called friend turned slumlord got her check and broke out literally i didn't even know she wasn't the land lord any more until this new bitch told the mail carrier the house was vacant knowing that i was infact still residing in the upstairs apt. she had all of my mail returned to sender. so i had to go and put all of my mail on hold until i can put in a change of address.

I'm so excited and i want to thank everyone who helped me with your kind words and well wishes because i was on the verge of a nervous breakdown literally,i had to go on anti depressants just to get thru the day but i perservered and came out on top so remember when life gets tough the tough get going.

And to astray1 if i don't get to say it Happy birthday may you have many more
and i shall toast to you from myside of the globe.


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