Feb. 21st, 2008

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Well ladies and gents I've finaly did it i found a beautiful apartment with the help of a great friend of mine. She's a lawyer and she was sending me emails of apartments to me and i would print them out and call the landlords and see if the apartment was still avaiable to rent some accepted programs some did not but anyway the one i decided upon had 9 applicants and of the 9 only 1 left her paper work me (smile) I and the broker did the paper work the landlord signed off on it and i took it to section 8 as of friday and my worker told me it will take 3-4 weeks for the inspection and i truly believe that the apartment will pass on the inspection.God willing now for this bitch as landlord of mine, she sent me a false eviction letter remember my girl is a lawyer and she put me up on it. since this bitch was taking my rent on the one hand and saying on the other hand she sold her property she wanted me out she doesn't have a leg to stand on if we in fact went to court. So i just have to wait until april 1. Then i'm out of this hell hole she calls apartment. Infested with rats the size on terriers (dog) so keep your fingers crossed for me. And god is good for they have decided that the HRA can only take 715.00 out of my 10,256 so now the only thing i have to do is get my eyes check for the glaucoma and all is right in my world. can i get an AMEN.

2) Mosh i would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday today and to Inugrrrl
i would love to wish you a very happy belated birthday i tried to send the virtual gift but they want you to purchase something else in order to do it if
some one knows how to do it please help me to send one to each of my friends
out here.
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well thank you ladies for the support. I talked to my perspective landlord and i let her know that the inspection should take place in 3-4 weeks time but i'm still hoping for the best. She told me she took today off to supervise the painting and whatever else has to be done for the apartment to past the inspection and i thanked her for personaly seeing to the job herself and not leaving it to anyone else since she has a vested interst in it also. By the way this isn't the one in staten island this one is in brooklyn and it's a 4 bedroom garden apartment and i have 3 entrances and exits actually i have the whole second floor and her mother lives below and theirs another tenant above me so everything should work out just fine. once i know for sure that is i will be living first i have got to get me some new furniture and beddings.
I'm just so happy to be seeing a silver lining at the end of this nightmare hell hole tunnel of mine.


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